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Important information to our customers and partners

2020 april 10 d.
Dear customers and partners,
We would like to share with you some information on how is our company doing in the time of corona virus pandemic.
Our production lines are quite busy these weeks and we are implementing all the orders from our clients on time and in full. We have no disruptions in our daily operations.
We are cooperating with our suppliers very closely and so far, there are no signals for us to be short in some raw materials and other stuff needed for cardboard packaging or paper cups production.
We would like to reassure that MTL Carton is doing its utmost to lighten the potential impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.
Still, our priority is the safety of our employees and their families. The steps we’ve implemented to ensure their health safety are:
•  Visitors are no longer allowed on site unless they are vital to our ability to serve our customers. When they are allowed on site, we have implemented enhanced hygiene checks before arrival to ensure they pose no risk to our employees.
•  We have increased the monitoring and support of the employees to ensure everyone can recognise symptoms, employ hygiene best practices and take appropriate steps to minimise the risk of infection and spreading the infection to the colleagues.
•   Work-related travel has been suspended.
•   We have implemented our continuity plans to enable additional off-site working to enable us to serve our customers with the minimum of people on site.
At MTL Carton we have appointed the risk management team to monitor the development of the epidemic and guidelines issued by authorities, to share information within our company as well as to instruct employees to implement necessary safety measures on site.
Equally importantly we take all the measures to ensure that coronavirus does not have an effect on the safety of our products.
We would like to inform you that coronavirus has had no impact on MTL Carton’s operation and production. In case the situation changes, we will inform our customers and partners immediately.
We wish everybody to have their homey Easter Holidays and take care of your safety and health.
Best Regards,
MTL Carton Team