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MTL Carton – among the most advanced printing companies

MTL Carton – among the most advanced printing companies

2020 march 4 d.
MTL Carton as a member of LISPA (Lithuanian Printing and Packaging Industry Association) participated in the printing industry conference which took place at 27th of February 2020. The highlight of the event was awards ceremony of the most advanced printing companies.
We are really proud and happy for MTL Carton being nominated and awarded in four categories.
MTL Carton was awarded as the biggest printing industry exporter per Year 2019. The revenue from the export sales grew by 3 m Eur when we compare Year 2018 and Year 2019.
Very important and valuable award for us is for the development of the new products. MTL Carton developed and launched the new generation paper cup, which is produced from the cardboard with no PE or PLA coating. The new paper cups are truly paper cups, they are certified for recycling with paper and have PAP21 marking.
The third award we received is for the digital technological solutions. In year 2019 MTL Carton created and launched production automation system which allowed connection of 12 mechanisms into one system.  Due to this solution there is a possibility to produce 7 different products simultaneously.
And the fourth award was for the digital non-technological solutions. MTL Carton has strong focus on custom printed paper cups sales in small quantities.  Few years ago we have launched e-commerce platform www.boldcup.eu where our clients place and manage their orders. In Year 2019 we launched advanced online Design Tool, which enables our clients to create the design of the cup they desire, check the created paper cup in 3D view, save the result in *.pdf file, which is suitable for print.
All the awards we ‘ve received are the results of our long term purposeful and responsible work of all our employees. We are glad to have such a team which allows us to create, innovate and grow each year.
Big thanks to all and each MTL Carton‘s team member for the successful Year 2019.