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Update on current actions taken at MTL Carton regarding Coronavirus

2020 march 16 d.
Dear customers and partners,
We would like to update you on current actions taken at MTL Carton regarding Coronavirus.
Our priority is the safety of our employees and their families. That’s why we take seriously all the situation with Coronavirus epidemic development globally and locally. We instruct our employees to pay special attention to hand hygiene and monitor closely their health. Also, we follow all the recommendations of the local authorities for not traveling to high risk countries and do not invite any guests from those countries to our homes or at our production facilities.
Equally importantly we take all the measures to ensure that Coronavirus does not have an effect on the safety of our products.
At MTL Carton we have appointed the responsible persons to monitor the development of the epidemic and guidelines issued by authorities, to share information within our company as well as to instruct employees to implement necessary safety measures on site.
We are monitoring the information from our suppliers and there are no changes in the supply of the raw materials and cardboard at the moment.
We are doing our best to deliver produced goods on time. Our logistics partners are operating with no disruptions so far. There might be some issues in delivering the goods to high risk countries and regions because of the restrictions in these countries (mostly to Italy, some parts of France, Spain and Germany).
Coronavirus has had no impact on MTL Carton’s operation and production so far. In case the situation changes, we will inform our customers and partners immediately.
We wish everybody to stay reasonable and take care of your own and close one’s health.
Best Regards,
CEO MTL Carton
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